Bacco Seaproducts since 1988

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We Are Bacco Seaproducts

Bacco Seafoodproducts provides quality fresh fish worldwide building on 30 years of experience within the fishing industry. The trademark is a unique supply chain and powerful transportation network both vital to make it possible to deliver top quality products to our loyal customers on daily basis all over the world.

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Over 30 years of experience

Bacco Seaproducts is a well known leading company for exporting salted and frozen quality seafood from Iceland to international markets. The company has grown rapidly and is based on highly trained personell with over 30 years of experience working in the seafood industry and producing and delivering high quality seaproducts.

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Fish Processing Around Iceland

Bacco Seaproducts has built up expertise in supplying and selling fresh fish to wholesale trade customers abroad. The company acquires all fish and is in business with fish processing all over the country.


About Us


•  Our task is excellent service with flexibility and expediency.
•  Our belives are long-term relationship with buyers and trust in stability in delivery and quality.
•  Our values are sustainability, quality and trust.
•  Our goal is quality products and satisfied customers.
•  Our hope is that high-quality ingredients will be the foundation of good food experience.