Our Brand

Origins matters
The great quality of Icelandic fish is not only because of cold, clean sea that surrounds the country, but also because of the respect and passion we have towards this fresh and healthy food. We manage our fisheries responsibly, work seafood products efficiently and use our skills to make use of this precious resource to the fullest. All in order that we can share our unique ingredients with the world

The Complete Seafood Solution
We provide a wide range of quality Icelandic fishproducts. We use our own quality assurance and quality control to ensure that the product is sufficiently qualified to sell under our own brand, IceFish. Our brand is known worldwide and stands for guarantee of quality wich we have achieved through years of follow-up and quality control.

To deliver the freshest fish on time has made Bacco Seaproducts a leading supplier of quality products and a thriving export business. The company´s dedication to guaranty top quality supplies of salted and fresh seafood has succeeded in making it one of the biggest export company in Iceland.

We provide a variety of frozen and salted seafood and seafood products. Our export species are cod, saithe, haddock, Atlantic mackerel, cod roe, red fish, flatfish, and herring.

Icefish from Iceland
The main operation of Bacco Seaproducts is the buying and selling of high quality Icelandic fishproducts. We co-operate with various Icelandic producers and offer a broad selection of products.
The company's own brand name IceFish is known worldwide for its quality products and the brand is registered both in Europe and USA.