Quality meens doing it right

We quality control all our ventures. In the field of sea products, everything needs to be handled with the utmost care. Bacco Seaproducts supervises all details of the production and guarantees the production methods of the producers themselves. Sold products are delivered according to strict quality standards and quality control.

Consumers demand sustainability and Bacco delivers on sustainability. We have always aimed for environmental conservation and marine habitat conservation. Collaboration with customers maximizes the value of Icelandic marine products by maintaining the best possible quality and freshness.

Sustainability is vital

Protections of the resources is important and in Iceland the rules are set according to the fisheries management system based on our long history as a leading fishing nation. We look towards the future and make long term goals when dealing with resources, customers, partners and employees.

Trust is the glue of life

Trust is fundamental when it comes do delivery of food products and our fish. We keep our word and strive to build solid, long-term business relationships. Our task and aim is guaranteed supply. Fisheries management in Iceland is based on scientific basis and high-tech system for traceability and transparency.

Quality is our responsibility

We are pioneers in the field of quality control and are constantly looking for new ways to ensure and increase quality. Our aim is to deliver fresh and impressive seafood from our fresh waters.

Bacco Seaproducts strives to ensure its customers to be able to selling their quality products at a good price. We use our own quality assurance and quality control to ensure that the product is sufficiently qualified to sell under our own brand, IceFish.

The quality is our responsibility. All stages in the production are supervised by a highly skilled full time Quality Manager because quality matters most when it comes to fish. Bacco Seaproducts want to ensure quality stability.